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Together we can create
the future of education

The revenue model of SaaS and marketplace allow us to double our sales each month and benefit our partners across the world. We are a C-Corp company incorporated in Delaware, USA.

Our Mission

At Oquda, we strive to fulfill the dreams of thousands of students to pursue their studies abroad.
We believe that education is a right that should be easily accessed by everyone. Over 6 years, we helped more than 3000 students from the CIS region to follow their dreams of studying abroad for free. Having a background as an education agency, language schools, university representatives, we finally came up with a solution to scale globally. We believe in the idea to create a unique education platform for both students and educational partners all around the world.
OQUDA offices
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Program Owners


Team members
Directors list
Beimbet Babiyev
Founder & CEO
Gulsaya Omirali
Chief Operating Officer
Leadership Team
Dana Abish
Head of Back Office
Kanat Syrymbaiyev
Head of Technical Office
Ayana Amanzhol
UX/UI Designer
Lyazzat Zhanbirova
Head of Business Development
Nazir Abishev
Head of Sales Department | Turkey
Aigul Alimkulova
Head of Sales Department | Kazakhstan
Lucifia Michaelis
Graphic Designer
Dimashabi Tulemaganbetov
Marketer Specialist
Amina Sultanbekova
SCRUM Master
Moldir Amanzholova
Back Office Manager | Italy
Ayan Kundybayev
Back Office Manager | Germany
Anel Makeyeva
Back Office Manager | Italy
Gaide Yussupova
Back Office Manager | South Korea
Gulnur Anafina
Aizhan Khamzina
Sales Manager
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